Locked Room Omaha currently has 6 escape room experiences to choose from including:


After a nasty head-on collision with an iceberg, it turns out the Titanic wasn’t as unsinkable as the brochure made it out to be.

You and your bunkmates took a wrong turn in your attempt to escape, and are now trapped in the ship’s cargo hold. There’s only a few lifeboats left, and it doesn’t look like this “unsinkable” vessel will be staying afloat for much longer.

Will you and your comrades be front page news as survivors of the Titanic.. or will you be another cliff-note in the long list of those buried at sea?

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Escape Room #2: BACK IN THE 50s – Uncle Marv’s Soda Shop

Your uncle Marv has recently passed away. On his death bed he told you, his favorite nephew, that he wanted you to inherit his soda shop and continue his legacy and keep the memory of him alive.

You see, decades ago your uncle Marv poured his heart and soul into starting his soda shop, but the evil corporation Blahmart has been doing everything in their power for years to demolish the old diner to make way for yet another generic Blahmart store in its place.

Fearing that the rest of the family would sell the business to Blahmart after his passing, your uncle Marv constructed a will in secret and hid it within the walls of his old 50’s soda shop.

Can you follow the trail that your uncle Marvin has left for you and continue the legacy of Marv’s soda shop? Don’t let the evil Blahmart developers demolish his diner!

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Escape Room #3: DEATH BY WINE

You and your friends have been cordially invited to a very special evening at a vineyard in the heart of California’s wine country, courtesy of an eccentric millionaire with some very peculiar tastes. Unfortunately for you, his favorite delicacy happens to be of the human variety, and YOU are on the menu!

After being treated to a pre-dinner tasting of his finest wines, he reveals the secret to their complex flavor: a highly potent neurotoxin. Being the sporting gentleman that he is, he was kind enough to mention an antidote and a key hidden somewhere close by, before locking the cellar door behind him.

Will you find the antidote in time and make your way to freedom, or be served up on a silver platter?

See full room description and details here.


Escape Room #4: FRESH MEAT -The Zombie Escape Adventure

Nobody ever thought it would really happen, but the time has come: The zombie apocalypse is here. What could have caused it? A rogue virus? A genetic experiment gone horribly wrong? Some sort of long-forgotten voodoo magic? Who cares?! There’s more pressing matters at hand, namely not getting eaten alive!

Luckily, you and your friends have barricaded yourselves inside an abandoned bakery, living off stale pastries and icing sugar while the shuffling ghouls scratch at the door in vain. Unfortunately, there’s more of them showing up all the time, and some flimsy wooden boards might hold back a couple of zombies — but not a couple hundred! You seem to remember seeing a butcher shop next door, and some fresh meat might distract your pursuers long enough for you to make a getaway and find a new shelter.

It’s a bit of a gamble, but the clock’s ticking and your lives are on the line! Will you escape in time… or be dinner for the undead?


Escape Room #5: Mayhem at the Empire

At long last, you’ve hit the big time! After years of barely scraping by with bit parts on the amateur theatre circuit you’ve finally landed a leading role. You’re about to make your stage debut on Broadway, tonight at the Empire Theatre… at least, that was the plan.

Your sinister understudy, tired of standing in your shadow while you hog the limelight, has decided to take matters into their own hands. They’ve hidden your costume backstage, and unless you can find it within the hour the director will have no choice but to send out your understudy in your place!

This is your one shot to make it big on the Broadway stage, an opportunity that comes but once in a lifetime! Will you capture it? or just let it slip?


Escape Room #6: Secrets in the Attic

As you climbed the dusty stairs to the attic all your childhood memories came rushing back. You and the neighborhood kids used to wile your days away at your great aunt May’s house playing and exploring its many hidden corners, but one secret has eluded you for all these years – her hidden stash of gemstones.

It’s been said that she hid these precious treasures away somewhere in the attic, but everyone in the family has forgotten where. The house is about to be put up for sale, and you’ve been tasked with cleaning it out for the new owners.

With the help of your friends you’re determined to uncover this hidden treasure trove and pass it on to the next generation! Can you unravel the mystery and find them before the new owners move in?